ODOT Short Course: Oct. 3rd through 5th

Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control Short Course

By: Dr. Calvin Konya
When: October 3 through 5, 2017
Where: ODOT Flanders Building, 123 NW Flanders Street,
Portland, Oregon
Cost: $450

The Oregon Department of Transportation is providing the short course Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control on October 3rd through 5th at their Flanders office in Portland, Oregon. This class is designed for Engineering Geologists, Geotechnical Engineers, and Construction Inspectors. Participants at the conclusion of the class will be able to evaluate ground conditions for blasting, design and check a blast design, design for vibrations and damage control, design for airblast control, conduct pre and post blast inspections and develop blasting specifications. All are very important tasks for project development and construction.

See link below for more details.

Rock Blasting and Overbreak Control Short Course Flyer