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November 2017 Dinner Meeting – Nov. 16th

Three Strikes and Out: Natural Hazards Impact Nepal Hydropower Project

Michael P Bruen, LPG, LEG, PMP
Vice President; Project Manager, Senior Tunnel Specialist, and Engineering Geologist

Please join us Thursday, November 16th, 2017 for our third dinner meeting of the 2017-18 season! This meeting will be held jointly with the Puget Sound chapter of AEG.

Please sign up early!!  We have reduced the registration cost to $30 and increased the late registration cost to $50. Signing up early allows us to get an accurate count to the venue and means we don’t have to turn anyone away.

Click Here for more information and to register.

Seattle DR on Pin Piles

Hello everybody!  Susan Chang of SDCI announced at our October DM that they are looking into revising their existing Directors Rule on pin piles (DR2009-10) to include Push Piers. They would like the ASCE Geotechnical group to help revise and give guidance for this document.

Brendan Cioto ( offered to help organize the committee for this effort. Please get in touch with him if you would like to be involved.