EERI-Sacramento December Meeting

The EERI Sacramento Chapter is hosting a meeting this Thursday, December 2nd from 12pm to 1:30pm.  The meeting is open to all and will be free.

Professor Raymond Seed will present and discuss advances in seismic deformation analyses over the past 50 years. The presentation will highlight the legacy of the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake and the damages to the Upper and Lower San Fernando Dams.

See the event flyer for Professor Seed’s abstract and the webinar link:  EERI-Sacramento December Meeting –  The Upper and Lower San Fernando Dams:  50 Years of Advances in Seismic Analysis of Dams Potentially Susceptible to Seismic Soil Liquefaction

In addition to the online presentation, a final draft 50th anniversary paper with more details on the history and recent developments regarding the Upper and Lower San Fernando Dam case histories is available here.  The paper includes a framework for performing “complete” analyses of dams potentially susceptible to seismic soil liquefaction.