Reminder – Dinner Meeting Next Week

Remember to sign up for our next dinner meeting on Wednesday, 10/26 at the University of Washington.  Professor Tim Stark will be presenting “Mobilized Shear Strength of Seattle Clays.”  Register via Brown Paper Tickets at the link below.  Online registration will close the morning of the meeting, but walk-up registration will be available.

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Topic: Mobilized Shear Strength of Seattle Clays
Presentation by Timothy D. Stark, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE and Abedalqadar Idries

This presentation will discuss the drained shear strength of overconsolidated glaciolacustrine clays in the Seattle area, which can range from the overconsolidated peak to residual strength depending on its geologic history, depth, softening, prior shear displacements, size of excavation, and application, e.g., long-term cut slope vs. short-term building excavation. An inverse analysis of slope failures reported by Palladino and Peck (1972) shows the mobilized shear strength for cut slopes in the overconsolidated and sparsely jointed Qvgl glaciolacustrine clay ranges from the residual to fully softened strength depending on the level jointing and prior shear displacements. Conversely, an inverse analysis of a 2011 slope failure in the frequently jointed and slickensided overconsolidated Qpgl glaciolacustrine clay shows the mobilized shear strength is near residual to in between the fully softened and residual strengths because of repeated glaciation cycles, softening, and localized shear displacements reflected in the presence of slickensided surfaces. These results will be used to suggest design strengths for future projects.


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Meeting Agenda

5:30  Check-in & Networking
5:45  Introduction & Announcements
6:00  Presentation
7:15  Dinner & Networking